GO: Call me maybe, Java!

When you need to pass boundaries of managed java environment, you find yourself playing (or fighting :) with C/C++ code (headers, compiler flags, linker flags …). With version 1.5, Go is coming to save us, C/C++ is not your only option anymore…

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Story of a Java 8 Compiler Bug (JDK-8064803)

Story begins with a cleanup done on Hazelcast IQueue interface by one of my colleagues. What’s done actually was just removing unneeded/redundant overridden methods those are already defined in java.util.Queue and java.util.concurrent.BlockingQueue interfaces. It was a very simple cleanup, but…

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Installing IBM JDK for newbies

Installing IBM JDK on a linux box is a trivial task or should be a trivial task. But when you get a message like

The installer cannot run on your configuration. It will now quit.

you find yourself staring at console without a clue.

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Don't call us, Hazelcast will call you!

Sending tasks or application logic to the data is a good step to achieve greater scalability, generally you need to inject some local dependencies into remote tasks before they are executed. In Hazelcast, there are a few ways of injecting dependencies into user objects.

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More than just JCache

JSR107, Java Temporary Caching API, also known as JCache is finally out after an effort of 13 years. It’s like the only everlasting JSR of the JCP history. But long story short, it’s completed now and companies in NoSQL/in-memory-data-grid/big-data world are competing each other to release their own implementations first.

As JCache being only a spec, it has a very basic API. But on the other hand it provides a standard way to access the proprietary features that an implementor can add to extend standard API.

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